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IT Staffing solution
IT Staffing solution

At KENFONT we strive to help organizations become market leaders through providing effective, high-impact, end-to end temporary staffing solutions to create a skilled workforce. Due to business uncertainties and the fluctuating demands of industry In light of the fluctuating industry demands, our general staffing solutions help solve the issues of manpower by the need to scale upwards and down of your business, allowing you to recruit more resources at times when they are required and release them after the completion of your project.
Additionally, we recognize that solving the issue of manpower may not be enough to improve the business processes. We also offer and manage infrastructure, manage SLAs regarding service efficiency and project completion, among other.

IT Training
Computer Tutorials
IT Training

KENFONT provide IT Training solutions for your tech employees to enhance their capabilities of your staff. Our training programs are designed to equip the necessary skills to help you do your job better and help your business to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your delivery. The training is of high-quality and affordable, which is designed to meet the needs of community and voluntary organizations as well as social enterprises, companies and businesses.

Our classes are designed to address the skill and personal growth needs of employees at all levels in any type of organization and are also available to volunteers and trustees.

We have created a variety of training workshops for boards to enhance the leadership abilities of Trustees as well as Committees. The workshops are offered to trustees' boards individually.

Business Solutions
Business Solution

KENFONT offer a variety of options to solve the problem the needs of Data Analytics and AI Solutions, in today's digital age, in which enterprises large and small are taking on digital initiatives or creating digital goods, information and analytics have become an essential component. Data analytics solutions provide business insight and assists companies improve customer experience, create new products and services, improve their cost efficiency and tailor offerings to different segments of customers. The driving force behind IoT, AI and other new technologies is data analytics because data is at the center of all digital transformation efforts.

Recruitment solution
Recruitment solution

 KENFONT provides a variety of recruitment solutions for businesses across the Globe We Map the Opportunities using the most talented talent The success of any business is dependent on the talent it attracts. This is also dependent on the procedures it uses to recruit. Make sure that the process is correct and you'll virtually eliminate the possibility of selecting the wrong person for the job. If you do it wrong and you'll fail to be able to get applicants from candidates who are suitable. COGNIZANC provides specialist solutions for recruitment for a variety of functional areas of business. Our process for recruiting is easy but it is also value-added. It requires a thorough analysis of your company's and its requirements for hiring and, based on that creating

our search strategy and then conducting first screenings of candidates

Devops and DevSecOps Solutions
Devops and DevSecOps Solutions

 KENFONT is among the most trusted companies to use for DevOps solutions. They assist you in re-creating your system to ensure constant integration. This is done by using unusual software strategies. In the world of IT it is regarded to be a paradigm-breaking method. DevOps solutions firms' primary objective is to produce products within the time frame. With their assistance you will be able to achieve your goals and achieve them more quickly.

We are committed to providing you with professional advice to help guide you in your DevOps process. Through analyzing your business context and environment and analyzing your business environment, we can create bespoke solutions that meet your needs and needs.

Financial Graphs
Cloud and Operations Solutions
Cloud and Operations Solutions

KENFONT provide Cloud Consulting services. Help your business become more efficient by using our cloud-based consulting solutions.

Improving Security

With certified expertise with the ability to cater to unique business requirements and needs Companies require a committed and knowledgeable team of cloud experts certified to keep pace with the security threats of the current digital environment.


Our cloud experts offer the infrastructure needed for companies to gain greater control and flexibility over their existing (or the new) infrastructure, whether it is related to the expansion of their business or dynamically sizing their infrastructure.

Certified Expertise

Our team is made up of certified experts with experience working with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, available to assist you in making the next phase on your path to the cloud smooth and secure. They have the experience of working with critical cloud solutions, and offering excellent assistance.

Comprehensive Strategies

Our cloud experts aid businesses in implementing their unique strategy over the whole cloud ecosystem including design, development and migrating, all while improving security and making it possible to optimize, automate and future innovation.

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